Following on from Puppy Tails (3) this is just a brief post (hence calling it “3A”) to provide context for upcoming post Puppy Tails (4) and to introduce you all to/ spam you with photos of Rollo’s “sister from another mister”, Brina! She is a long haired German Shepherd (Alsatian) and is currently 14.5 weeks old.

Brina settled in very quickly and she adores Rollo! We had introduced them (safely) a few times before bringing her home, so he wasn’t taken by surprise with the sudden introduction of a young pup, and so she felt comfortable around him too.

Her favourite things at the moment (apart from Rollo) are snoozing under the TV stand (but how long will she fit there?!) and playing in mud and water and splashing in muddy puddles!

German Shepherd Dogs are Known for being very intelligent and quick learners – Brina is proving this correct so far (cutting her the necessary slack for her age and attention span). One of our main focus point with Brina at the moment is walking nicely on the lead, incorporating “on heel”, and recall training.

After a few weeks her ears stood up, and she’s coming along nicely – growing well, quickly learning in training and enjoying having her “brother” to play with!

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