8th August 2014 – International Cat Day

Google defines a cat as “a [small, domesticated,] carnivorous mammal with soft fur, a short snout, and retractile claws”. However for this post, I am also including Big Cats.

Cats are loved world-wide.
Bigger cats were (and in some places, unfortunately, still are) hunted for various reasons, however a lot are now in zoo’s and safari parks – with people working to protect the various species.
Domestic cats, starting in ancient Egypt, were once worshipped; now they are loved pets and hilarious internet sensations!

Nyan Cat, Pusheen and Stormy, Keyboard Cat, Grumpy Cat… and all the other cats on the internet doing funny things – trying to fit in a hamster ball, attacking that stranger cat in the mirror, being tickled in a really cute way, and so many more things plastered on the internet!

Even dogs are coming around to the idea of cats – one dog in particular really wants a kitty! Some dogs still hold onto that ancient dog vs. cat thing – pushing cats into bathtubs and the like…

Enjoy these cat pictures to celebrate International Cat Day!




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