The final post, week 8; covering some basic titbits about the breeds. This will be in between other posts too.

This, the eighth, post will cover W-Z of dog breeds.
In previous posts, A-CD-FG-IJ-LM-OP-R and S-V have been covered.
Now at the end of my A-Z of dog breeds, with 1-3 breeds covered per letter.

If I do not cover the breed of your dog in this post, please leave the breed in the “thoughts” comment box below, or post it via the contact page – this way I can include your breed in another post (either the follow up, or a repeat with different breeds). Do the same if you want more information than I have provided on any particular dog breed!



Country of Origin: Germany

Lifespan: 10-12 years                     Breed Size: Large

Original Use: Big-game hunting. The Weimaraner was used as a gun-dog from the early 1900’s – used to hunt wolves, wildcats, and other large predators; as well as large game such as deer, etc. Later being used for hunting game-birds.

Outstanding Physical Trait:  I had a friend in my teens who referred to this breed as the “Parma Violet Dog” after the sweets, because of the colouration of the breed. They are a brown/ grey colour up to and including their brown/ pink little noses.

West Highland White Terrier (a.k.a. West Highland Terrier)

Country of Origin: Scotland

Lifespan: 14-16 years                     Breed Size: Small

Original Use: As with many other small terrier breeds, the Westie was bred to control vermin such as rats, foxes, otters, badgers, and other small animals that were classed as vermin.

Outstanding Physical Trait: The distinctive white coat (hence the name), is the only colour a Westie comes in. It was once seen as a white variation of the Cairn (brindle) or Scottish (black) Terrier, but was classified as a breed in its’ own right in the early 1900’s, even though it has been around since the 1500’s.

West Highland Terrier
West Highland Terrier


Xoloitzcuintli (a.k.a. Mexican Hairless Terrier)

Country of Origin: Mexico (hence the alternate name); nickname Xolo.  Xoloitzcuintli pronounced as zoh-loh-eets-kweent-lee.

Lifespan: 15-17 years                     Breed Size: Medium

Original Use: Said to have been around, dating back as far as the Aztecs – the Aztecs would eat them, sacrifice them, and use them as companions and hot water bottles on cold nights! Nowadays they are used solely as companions.

Outstanding Physical Trait: The lack of hair! The only bit these dogs get in abundance is in between the ears, right on top of their head! They do have a thin covering of hair/fur but not enough to immediately notice.



Yorkshire Terrier

Country of Origin: England – Yorkshire

Lifespan: 13-15 years                     Breed Size: Small

Original Use: Surprise, surprise – this small terrier was originally used for hunting small vermin!

Outstanding Physical Trait: The colouration unique to the Yorkie – sandy coloured face, ears, legs and belly; black/ grey on top (back, tops of legs, tail). They are also quite long haired little dogs, and often need hair trimming around the face, and/or the hair tying back out of their eyes.

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier


Unfortunately… There is no dog breed for this, the final letter. So I am going to do the cheesy thing, and give you a couple of pictures for Zzz – an adorable, sleeping puppy!


All images are open source, Google images, or my own – or photos donated for use by the pet owners.

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