This website offers basic pet advice,  hints and tips for the benefit of both pet and owner.  As I am called upon regularly for pet advice and practical help, whether face-to-face or online via social media. I had never tried blogging or running my own website before, until I set up this site with the help of my Dad, in January 2014.

As of May 2020, we have a second author for Ali’s Answers – Chantelle’s Reptiles. Chantelle will be focusing on writing posts related to reptiles and amphibians that she has (or has had) as pets, and answering any reptiles or amphibian related questions from our readers!

About: Ali


My name is Ali hence Ali’s Animal Answers. Ever since I was a kid I have loved animals – most of my toys and teddies growing up were animals! I studied at Myerscough College and University Centre in Preston (Lancashire) for 5 years; instead of doing A-Levels, I did a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management. I then went on to do a Bachelor of Science (with Honours) Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Both courses were great, as animals are one of my biggest passions in life.  Myerscough has facilities such as the Animal Academy (with animals kept indoor and outdoor), as well as a dairy cow farm, a beef cow farm, and a sheep farm – all of these elements helps students to get practical experience with animals, in their studies. I once delivered 3 different sets of triplet lambs in one evening, at Myerscough’s sheep farm! To obtain my “honours” in my degree, I had to write a dissertation; my dissertation topic was on Comet Goldfish nutrition (the abstract for which can be found on the “My Work” page), in my final year at university – I took some of the dissertation fish home with me when I graduated (the rest remained at Myerscough), and the remaining fish turned 8 years old sometime in early 2020! I have had various jobs in the animal industry; working with a variety of animals, including some rescues! I’ve always wished that I could have many pets of my own, however working with a variety of species is a nice “fix” until I have the money and space for all the animals I want!

Random Facts

I was born in Belfast (Northern Ireland). I moved to Southport (Merseyside) when I was 3 years old and  lived there (with the exception of 5 years living at college/uni) until 2017. I lived in Haywards Heath (Sussex) for 2 years, and then moved to Essex in 2019 following getting married! At the age of 16 I got baptised – literally, the day after my 16th birthday! 10 years prior to my adult baptism, I first became a born-again Christian aged 6.

My childhood pets were 3 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs. My first rabbit being typically named, Thumper! When I was 13, my family got our first dog, a little Bedlington we called Barney. He sadly passed away September 2019 at the grand, old age of 15. Horse riding is one of my great joys in life, and I would love a horse of my own someday. I have relatives in Northern Ireland with a farm, and I have always enjoyed going there for holidays – where I like to do nothing except work and hang out on the farm, with the animals!

I drew my own Ali’s Answers logo – the dog. My dad put it onto the computer and turned it into what you see at the top of the website – he is computer wizz!

About: Chantelle

Coming soon!

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