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This website offers basic pet advice,  hints and tips for the benefit of both pet and owner.  The home page offers posts with pet advice on many different topics, for a wide range of pet animals. Ali’s Answers is for those who want to learn a little more about their pets and take an interest in animals (like myself). The categories are listed at the bottom of the page into posts and question responses; individual pet species and general animals, to help you navigate through the posts and find the relevant post/ topic for you. Questions can be asked on the contact page, and they will be answered within a post – so if you ask a question remember to check back for the response! If you have any thoughts or comments about a post, you can post it in the “thoughts” box underneath each post! Ali’s Animal Answers is the name of both the Google+ page and the Facebook page, and posts on Twitter come via @AlisAnswers, so you can follow posts via your social media site. Questions can be asked via social media sites, however a response is guaranteed if the question comes via this website.


I am called upon regularly for pet advice and practical help, whether face-to-face or online via social media. I have never tried blogging or running my own website before, but being passionate about animals and their welfare, I thought it was a good topic for a blog, and a great way to offer advice to people about their pets! I hope that this website can be a way of me being useful with my animal knowledge to others.





Ever since I was a kid I have loved animals – most of my toys and teddies growing up were animals! I studied at Myerscough College in Preston, England for 5 years – instead of doing A-Levels I did a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management, and then went on to do a Bachelor of Science with Honours Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare; both courses were great as animals are one of my biggest passions in life. My dissertation was done on Comet Goldfish nutrition, in my final year at university. I have had various jobs in the animal industry, and wish I could have much more pets of my own – however working with a variety of species is a nice “fix”!

20 Random Facts About Me!

  1. In 1991 I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  2. I moved to Southport, England, when I was 3 years old and have lived there ever since (with the exception of 5 years living at college/uni).
  3. My childhood pets were 3 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs. My first  rabbit being typically named Thumper!
  4. We got our little Bedlington, Barney when I was 13. I love him to pieces!
  5. I love horse riding! I want a horse… and lots of sheep… and a cow…
  6. I maintain 2 fish tanks – one tropical and one cold-water. The cold-water tank contains the fish I studied for my dissertation.
  7. I am 5ft 2″ – have been since I was 16.
  8. Also at the age of 16 I got baptised – literally when I was 16… the day after my 16th birthday!
  9. 10 years prior to my adult baptism I first became a born-again Christian aged 6.
  10. I actually own a Lego The Big Bang Theory set!
  11. I have one sister, one brother and one sister-in-law; and as of 2015 one niece!
  12. My Mum and Dad are Gideons – remember that little red bible you were given in high school?!
  13. I am obsessed with Disney (in particular the animal based stories, surprisingly).
  14. My favourite author is Darren Shan (a.k.a. Darren Dash).
  15. I did my first college work experience at a vets, age 16/17.
  16. I once delivered 3 different sets of triplet lambs in one evening!
  17. I still have a small collection of stuffed animals that live in my bedroom.
  18. I recently developed a liking for mango and passion-fruit flavoured Green Tea.
  19. This is my first ever attempt at a blog/ website.
  20. I drew my own logo – the dog. My dad put it onto the computer and turned it into what you see at the top of the website – he is computer genius!


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