13th December 2014 – National Day of the Horse

Day of the Horse

Today is National Day of the Horse (and pony) – this varied species comes in all heights (hands heigh – hh), weight ranges, colours, shapes, and personalities; with various talents.

Ponies can be any height up to 14.2hh – once the animal is 14.3hh and above it is classed as a horse. There are over 300 different breeds of horses/ponies in the world. Different breeds have been bred for different uses – racing/speed, trotting, dressage, hacking, strength, jumping, size, colour, coat texture, and height are some of the more modern traits bred for. Horses and ponies were often bred for working purposes rather than recreational/ hobby reasons prior to the invention/ mass production of cars and other machinery; such as work in the mines, on the docks, farming, pulling boats, transporting people – on their backs and by pulling carriages, pulling emergency vehicles, and were often used in war.

Find a collection of various horse and pony breeds, for your viewing pleasure, below…
[all photo’s are either my own personal ones or open source images from the internet]

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