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Continuing my theme of  facts about different species; ‘Largest Species’ and ‘Smallest Species’, I will do some ‘Funny Looking Species’. The bizarre and extraordinary looking species on our magnificent planet.

The Star-nosed mole is more than your average, garden-variety mole; digging up your (UK) garden! Found in Canada and Northern USA; the Star-nosed mole has a unique way of finding food and travel routes, that is quite different. The “Star-nose” is made up of 22 fleshy appendages which are full of sensory receptors.

Every single one of the 22 appendages, that make up the star, is completely covered with tiny, sensitive projections known as Eimer’s organs. The star has 25,000+ Eimer’s organs per cm², making it incredibly sensitive. It’s like have loads of very sensitive fingers on your nose!

Star Nosed Mole
Star Nosed Mole (open source image)

These strange looking, little creatures weigh 75g, and grow 175-205mm; on average. It is an insectivore; burrowing through dirt, and eating insects it digs out in tunnels, as it goes – with the two big, powerful front paws, and long claws that this little mole is equipped for.

Not all that dissimilar to the averge (nosed) mole – it just has a funny looking nose! ☺


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