Animals are very important to us humans as companions, as part of the family. It is important that our pets are cared for properly, within their environment, to ensure health and happiness. In the wild, animals will care for their every need themselves; animals cannot care for their every need, in domestic environments, as some needs are beyond them (such as protection from domestic diseases). Our pets need us to care for them and make sure their lives are as good as can be, as part of our lives.

Disease is something which affects all living things. Natural immunity is one way of fighting disease; this is something an animal is born with. Due to human activity, there is also artificial immunity and ways to ‘boost’ natural immunity; these are things such as, vaccines, tablets, and spot-on’s. Keeping your pet and it’s living space clean is one way to help prevent this as much as possible. Uncleanliness leads to things such as, poor health and condition in animals.

It is always beneficial to have knowledge and understanding about common diseases and parasites of your pet(s) species; and ensure that your pet is kept up-to-date with vet checks, vaccinations, and de-flea and de-worming treatments. With the warmer weather coming, parasites will be on the up – so make sure you keep on top of parasite protection for you pet.

Disease, parasites, care and protection, all comes as part of loving your pet – no matter if you feel too lazy, tired, busy, etc… pets need caring for every day of every week. So research into the needs of your pet to ensure that you can provide the best care for them at all times, and to make sure you have the best pet for your lifestyle… It isn’t worth getting a dog if you have no spare time to exercise it, or getting a reptile if you cannot afford the tank, lighting, heating, etc.

Pets are amazing, and become big parts of our lives! Any questions about your pet(s)? – Ask them on the contact page, via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.


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