Summer Cool Down

So it’s meant to be summer (at least soon), but apparently Britain hasn’t got the memo yet!

Even though it’s raining outside, I was thinking of all the things people do to keep cool – air conditioning, going to swimming pools/ parks, ice cream and ice lollies, wearing summer clothes… Often animals are left to fend for themselves; aside from ensuring water is topped up and coats are trimmed.

So here are some other idea to help you keep your pet cool…

  • take off collars in your home and garden – these get sweaty and hot rubbing on the neck of your pet
  • paddling pools on the garden (or smaller pools for smaller pets)
  • ice blocks in water or frozen water (in water bottles) – ensuring fresh water is still available to drink whilst the ice melts
  • partially frozen veggies for your herbivorous pets  (partially so their tongues don’t stick to the veggies)
  • frozen peas are good to drop into your fish tank (especially cold water tanks) for your herbivorous fish
  • frozen (raw) meat for your carnivorous pets
  • providing shade indoors and outdoors – close blinds/ curtains, moving outside enclosures to shaded areas, providing shade at all times of the day
  • keep you pet off hot ground – shoes don’t protect your pets’ paws! – hot pavement is uncomfortable and potentially painful/ damaging to furry feet
  • provide a cool area for your pet to hide from the sun – whether this is ensuring your dog or cat can access the house, or ensuring your rabbit and guinea pig enclosure has a dark, hidden area for them to retreat into
  • avoid metal bowls outside! – porcelain bowls keep water cooler and do not retain heat like metal bowls do (thus keeping the water warm)
  • do not leave your pet shut in a hot car (or room)


Keeping cool in the pool
Keeping cool in the pool

Unless you and your pet are living in the same part of Britain as me and you are both unsure of what heat is 😉

If you have any other suggestions, that may be of help to others, please leave a comment below or on one of Ali’s Answers social media pages.