New Discoveries: Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog

A new discovery in December 2014, as well as almost 80 years ago! Ecologist Carl Kauffeld claimed this little species existed, back in 1937; however, at the time, received no scientific recognition for it. The Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog – Rana Kauffeldi was named to honour the man who originally discovered this species.

Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog (open source: Wikipedia)
Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog (open source: Wikipedia)

The colourations of this little frog range from light greens to greys, with darks spots and stripes. The colouration of an individual can lighten/ darken according to seasons; so as to blend in better with the undergrowth, to avoid detection by predators. The Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog lives in the damp ground, where there is vegetation/ plants for cover; as well as near/ in shallow waters. The shallow waters are also the site for breeding.

With this new (or old) discovery, the total of Leopard Frog species is now 19. Northern and Southern Leopard Frogs, however is distinctly different genetically. This is what makes this a new species; its’ genetic diversity from other, similar species. However, this new species also has a unique trait, that contributes to its’ individualism; the sound it makes sounds more like a cough than a croak.

2014 welcomed this little frog species as a (new) recognised species.