Batman Day

Batman Day (open source image)
Batman Day (open source image)

It’s Batman Day! Now for those who know me, it’s no secret that I love Batman and the whole world of Gotham! The comics (in my opinion) are epic – DC I applaud you.

Batman (open source image)
Batman (open source image)

In the spirit of Batman Day, I am doing a short post on the creatures that inspired Bruce Wayne to become Batman – become what you fear… and what did Batman fear? – Bats!

Common Fruit Bat (open source image)
Common Fruit Bat (open source image)

Na na na na na na Bat-Facts!…

  • There are 18 residential species in the UK; 17 of which are known to be breeding.
  • Bats are not blind; however they do have very poor eyesight. They find food and find their way around by using echolocation – sending out calls and listening for the returning echo’s.
  • They are the only mammal capable of flight; with elongated fingers, joined by skin/ wing membrane.
  • There are almost 1,000 bat species worldwide.
  • 70% of bats are insectivores (eat insects) – which helps to control insect populations within their habitats.
  • Other bat species feed on fruits and/ or vegetables.
  • Other bat species are carnivorous feeding on birds, other small mammals, fish, amphibians, and lizards.
  • Vampire bats prefer the blood of animals (often livestock) to that of humans – they pierce the flesh and lap up the pooling blood; they don’t “suuuck your blooood!” (or inhabit Transylvania).
  • Bats cannot live in extreme desert or Arctic conditions.
  • A baby bat is called a ‘pup’. They are born and raised within a colony of females – no help from the males.
  • Some bats live in large groups; whilst other species are solitary.
  • There are bat species that will hibernate through the cold months, and others that will migrate to warmer climates.
  • The largest bat species is the Giant Flying Fox of Indonesia, with a wingspan of up to 6ft!
Giant Flying Fox (open source image)
Giant Flying Fox (open source image)

All images are open source, Google images – not my own.

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