Maui’s Dolphin – the smallest dolphin in the world
  • A sub-species of the very small Hector’s Dolphin
  • They only live in New Zealand’s shallow coastal waters
  • This little species is at risk of becoming extinct
  • Approximately only 55 individuals left in the wild
  • Fully grown the Maui’s dolphin is between 1.2-1.4m long
  • Adults weigh approximately 50kg
  • The lifespan of the Maui’s dolphin is around 20 years
  • Calves are 50-60cm in length when born; large compared to their mother
  • Grey/black colouration, with white stripes along their sides, and a white underside
  • Only one single calf is born every 2-4 years; this means they are struggling to increase in number naturally, let alone after human poaching
  • Most of its time is spent feeding; however there is always time to play with seaweed, chase other dolphins, blow bubbles, and jump
Maui's Dolphin - image is open source
Maui’s Dolphin – open source Google image
Dwarf Sperm Whale – the smallest whale in the world
  • A sub-species of the Sperm Whale
  • They are blue-grey in colour, with a lighter underside
  • The Dwarf Sperm Whale is a protected species, although they are not considered under threat
  • They prefer warm tropical, subtropical, and temperate waters
  • Females can have a single calf each year
  • Calves are born measuring 1.0-1.2m in length
  • Fully grown, this whale reaches up to 2.7m in length
  • Adults weigh approximately 180-270kg
  • Their lifespan of the is around 22-25 years
  • Typically a solitary species, however can be found travelling in small pods (groups)
  • Fishing nets and marine debris are the biggest human threats to this species
Dwarf Sperm Whale (mother and calf) - open source image
Dwarf Sperm Whale (mother and calf) – open source Google image
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