With the warmer weather (supposedly) on its way, now that spring has arrived & Easter is on its way, it got me thinking rabbits! So I am going to do a bunny blog post (which will be posted in the next couple of days) covering the basics.

So, before I write a post, I always have a mooch on the internet to see what information is around currently, on each topic I post about. There is, unfortunately a lot of wrong and/ or poor information on the internet – so if you’re not clued up, how do you know which advice to go by?

Firstly, if any information is spelled or typed wrong and/ or poorly, I would personally disregard it immediately. If you cannot type (especially if you are blogging) and/ or spell – why should I trust you?! With spell-check options, there really is no excuse…

Generally speaking – for pets; the RSPCA, the Dogs Trust, WWF, and other registered charities, and veterinary websites are usually quite good with providing correct advice and information. Behaviourally speaking, not all vets are the best in this department, so use some discernment – you know your pet best!

Pet Shop websites can provide good information, but if the person(s) providing the information do not have the correct knowledge (even if they pretend they do)  then you may be misinformed! Even face-to-face information in a pet shop is not always correct or best unfortunately – for example; I went into a pet shop and was looking at an older, male rabbit, but I wanted to see how clued up the staff were, so I asked if I could have a hold of this rabbit and what gender/ age “it” was. After being palmed off from the first person to a second, then this second person to a third (a supervisor), to then be told I had to speak to yet another member of staff (as none of the previous could or would answer my questions… )This final member of staff told me they did not know if it was male or female or how to check,  thought it was very young (despite obvious signs of him being an older adult rabbit) – this member of staff then asked if I could pick the rabbit up myself as they did not know how to hold a rabbit! -_-
So, as I said, use discernment and your own knowledge the best you can!

Blogs are quite good, from breeders or professionals, generally speaking – but double-check any information provided if you are unsure about the person blogging! Often blogs and internet posting sites (such as Wiki!) are very misinformed and provide good information mixed in with very wrong/ poor information  making it difficult to know which information to trust. If a lot of sites say the same thing, usually you can determine that it is likely to be correct information, but still, try to make sure you know you can trust the information provided, and the person/ blog/ website providing the information.

For instance, on my “about” page you can see some titbits of information about me, including my BTEC National Diploma, and my BSc Hons. Degree studying animals – so it’s likely that I know what I am talking about on here. If I start posting about how to be the worlds best cricket player or blinds manufacturer, however, I wouldn’t bank on that information being the best from me! 😛

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