Animals are very important to us as companions; pets. Pets (unlike wild animals) require us to care for them, especially with the wide variety of breeds amongst the different species, that we have today!

The conditions animals are kept in will have an effect on their health and well-being. The best thing we can do as pet owners is to ensure we provide the best of everything for our pet, and understand the needs.

This means providing:

  • suitable food [edit: check out my post on unsafe foodstuffs]
  • suitable housing (bed or cage or tank, etc.)
  • stimulation (via toys, exercise and socialisation)
  • keeping unsafe things out of reach
  • ensuring regular vet check ups

– making sure your pet is as healthy and safe as can be!

So research into your pet(s) and what is required, for providing your honorary family member(s) with the best things for life!

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